Information of the entity responsible for the personal data collection and use:
Limpopé - Tapetes para Entrada, Lda.
Rua 25 de Abril Nº476,
Selho São Jorge
4835-296 Guimarães
+351 253 577 411
(Call to the national landline)

Accessing and using the website imputes a user status to all visitors and implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions in force.
Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda. is committed to customer privacy, keeping personal information confidential according to applicable legislation (Portuguese Data Protection Law 67/98 of October 26) and assuring the right to access, change or cancel any information provided, in person or through written request.
As an entity responsible for collecting and using personal data, Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda. shall disclose only the strictly necessary information to the entities with whom a close collaboration is indispensable for service provision, namely shipping companies and financial entities.
In case of intending to change, correct or delete their personal information, users may do it through a convenient and free-of-charge process by contacting our company via email (, telephone or written request to Rua 25 de Abril, No. 476, Selho São Jorge, 4835-296 Guimarães.
Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda may collect the following personal data from users when visiting the website, requesting estimates or requesting contact information: name, email address, phone number
The collected data will be applied to estimate or contact requests from users.
Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda shall adopt all the means necessary to assure the protection of personal user data, avoid its loss, modification and/or access by non-authorized parties.
Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda shall not hand to third parties personal user information, unless under their previous and clear consent. Nonetheless, Limpopé - Tapetes para Entradas, Lda may need to disclose user information in order to fulfill the terms agreed by contract and meet all the commitments made to users.
Despite the company’s (Limpopé - Tapetes para Entrada, Lda.) safe process for data collection, intended to prevent its loss or manipulation through the most effective practices, we must inform that data collection in an open network may allow its circulation without safety conditions and under the risk of being accessed or used by non-authorized parties.
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Users who intend to create on their personal websites a link directing to our website, intended for personal use, shall first require an authorization to Limpopé - Tapetes para Entrada, Lda. It will solely be applicable under written request.