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Vip REF. 10231

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Medida Tapete
Structure Ribbed PVC inserts set in H-shaped aluminum profile, with cassete brush and textile.
Connection Flexible, with H-shaped PVC connection profile.
Thickness 20mm
Weight 13,43kg per m2
Colors Natural aluminum or anodized PVC in black, gray, red or in other colors.
Resistance Adequate for high pedestrian traffic.
Drainage properties Good drainage capacity and breathing system, allowing higher hygiene levels.
Indicated for Outdoor or indoor areas, with or without recessed flooring. It can include aluminum ramp frames.
Rollable Yes. Easy for transportation or maintenance.
Sound-absorbing The robustness of the structure assures excellent stability and noise absence.
Non-slip surface All materials used prevent slipping.
Maintenance Only regular cleaning without corrosive products.
Customization Possible upon request.


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